High-speed automatic liquid packaging machine

High-speed automatic liquid packaging machine


Brand Name︰SAIDE

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 26000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


  This machine was specially designed and manufactured for solving the problem of contamination during pasteurized milk packaging. The feeding system of the machine can be linked with CIP system to make up a automatic circulating cleaning system, to guarantee the clean of the feeding pipes.

  The packaging materials are sterilized by the UV lights inside of the machine, to make sure that, both of the packaging materials and the liquid products are operated under a clean environment.

  This machine can reduce the contamination to the liquid materials during packaging processes, and make the shelf life of the milk products much longer with good quality.

  The machine can automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, dosing, sealing and cutting, date printing, etc.

  The machine has the advancements of simple structured, fast packaging speed, stable quality, long operating life, etc. and it is now the most suitable packaging machine for pasteurized milk.

  The machine is suitable for pillow type pouch (back seal) packaging.

  The machine is made of 100% stainless steel (critical parts are SS316, others are SS304).



Capacity:                           60-90 pouches/min (twin-filler)

Packaging volume:           500~1000g

Accuracy:                         ±1.5%

Width of the film:            240mm

Length of the pouch:       100—180mm

Air pressure:                    0.65Mpa

Air consumption:            1.6m3/min (0.8Mpa)

Power supply:                  220V±10%, 50Hz

Power:                              3.85Kw

Weiht:                              720kg

Dimensions(L×W×H):      1700×1100×2150(mm)

Payment Terms︰ TT/LC

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